Original Articles 2001

  1. Ueki, M., Teruya, T., Nie, L., Usami, R., Yoshida, M., and Osada, H.
    A new trichostatin derivative,trichostain RK, from Strepromyces sp. RK98-A74.
    J. Antibiot., 54, 1093-1095 (2001) PubMed

  2. Sodeoka, M., Sampe, R., Kojima, S., Baba, Y., Usui, T., Ueda, K., and Osada, H.
    Synthesis of a tetronic acid library focused on inhibitors of tyrosine and dual-specificity protein phosphatases and its evaluation regarding VHR and cdc25B inhibition.
    J. Med. Chem., 44,3216-3222 (2001) PubMed

  3. Nie, L., Ueki, M., Kakeya, H., and Osada, H.
    A facile and effective screening method for p21"WAF1" promoter activators from microbial metabolites.
    J. Antibiot., 54, 783-788 (2001) PubMed

  4. Kakeya, H., Kageyama, S., Nie, L., Onose, R., Okada, G., Beppu, T., Norbury, CJ., and Osada, H.
    Lucilactaene,a new cell cycle inhibitor in p53-transfected cancer cells, produced by a Fusarium sp.
    J. Antibiot., 54, 850-854 (2001) PubMed

  5. Hamaguchi, T., Takahashi, A., Manaka, A., Sato, M., and Osada, H.
    TU-572, a potent and selective CD45 inhibitor, suppresses anaphylaxis and murine hypersensitivity reaction.
    Int. Arch. Allergy lmmunol., 126, 318-324 (2001) PubMed

  6. Usui, T., Kojima, S., Kidokoro, S., Ueda, K., Osada, H., and Sodeoka, M.
    Design and synthesis of a dimeric derivative of RK-682 with increased inhibitory activity against VHR, a dual-specificity ERK phosphatase implications for the molecular mechanism of the inhibition.
    Chem. Biol., 8, 1209-1220 (2001) PubMed

  7. Sano, T., Usui, T., Ueda, K., Osada, H., and Kaya, K.
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  8. Togashi, K., Ko, H-R., Ahn, J-S., and Osada, H.
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