Welcome to Chemical Biology Research Group (Closed)

hiroyuki OSADA
Group Director
Hiroyuki OSADA (D.Agr.)

To promote "Chemical Biological Research" that aims to elucidate biological phenomena using chemical compounds as starting materials, chemical libraries and databases that describe the chemical and biological information of the libraries must be appropriately maintained.
Our group will construct chemical libraries and databases through the genetic and organic chemical researches of secondary metabolites from actinomycetes and fungi.
We will also promote basic research to validate the usefulness of the chemical library, to identify the molecular target of the active compound, and to elucidate the mechanism behind the action of the active compounds in the libraries.
We will continue to maintain infrastructure for chemical biological studies.

(Chemical Biology Research Group was closed on March 31st in 2022.)

Our new web site is here.


  • Construction of a chemical bank, “Natural Products Depository (NPDepo)”
  • Expansion of the chemical library using genetic engineering and synthetic chemistry
  • Exploration of bioactive compounds in the chemical library through high throughput screening systems
  • Analyses of small molecule-protein interaction and development of the new analytical methods

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