Bioprobe Application Research Unit (Closed)

Nobumoto Watanabe
Unit Leader
Nobumoto Watanabe

As the research platform for the sustainable resources and their application, we are developing the platforms for the discovery and validation of useful bio-active compounds. After the development and refinement of these platforms, bioactive compounds useful for the improvement of photosynthesis efficiency, N2 fixation, denitrification and recovery of rare metals will be identified. We will validate the bioactivity of RIKEN NPDepo chemical library compounds and develop and refine the detection system of the phosphorylation dependent protein-protein interaction. The chemical array systems for the discovery of novel bioactive compounds are also being improved.

(Bioprobe Application Research Unit was closed on March 31st in 2022.)


  • Construction of the screening system for bio-active compounds with novel molecular targets
  • Refinement of the chemical array system
  • Analysis of the mechanisms behind the activities of compounds with novel biological activity
  • Mining and functional analysis of novel molecular targets

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