Assay List

  • Assays using mammal cell lines.

    1. Assays for cell growth and differentiation.
      (1) Screening of cell cycle inhibitors by a bioassay using a mouse cdc2 mutant cell line, tsFT210. Details
      (2) Screening of inhibitors of mitogenic activity of EGF. Details
    2. Assays for cell differentiation.
      (1) Screening for inducer of cell differentiation using HL60 cells. Details
      (2) Screening for neutrophic factors and inhibitors of NGF using PC-12 or SH-SY5Y cells. Details
      (3) Screening of compounds which repress NGF-induced differentiation of PC-12 cells. Details
      (4) Screening for inducer of K-562 cell differentiation. Details
      (5) Screening for inhibitors of bone formation using C3H10T1/2 cells, and MC3T3E1 cells. Details
    3. Assays for cell morphological transformation.
      (1) Screening for compounds with morphological reversion activity on transformed cells. Details
      (2) The bleb forming assay for the activators and inhibitors of PKC. Details
  • Assays using microbial cells.

    1. Molecular targeting assay
      (1) Screening for HIV-1 Vpr inhibitors. Details
      (2) Screening for p38 MAP kinase inhibitors. Details
    2. Assays using morphological response of microbial cell.
      (1) Screening of antifungal agents through the morphological changes in rice blast fungi.Details
  • In vitro assays.

    1. Assays for protein functions.
      (1) Screening for inhibitors or activators of MAP kinases. Details
      (2) Screening for heparanase inhibitors. Details
      (3) Screening for inhibitors of PDI. Details
      (4) Screening for tyrosine phosphatase inhibitors. Details
    2. Assays for protein-protein interactions.
      (1) Screening for PBD-dependent binding inhibitors. Details
    3. Assays for interaction mechanisms between proteins and small molecules.
      (1) SPR imaging of photo-cross-linked small molecule microarrays on gold. Details
      (2) Identification of target proteins using small molecule affinity matrix. Details
  • Omics assays.

    1. Genome-wide screening by chemical array technology. Details
    2. Drug target analysis based on proteomic analysis by 2D-DIGE. (ChemProteoBase) Details