Original Articles 2005

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    J. Org. Chem., 70, 9905-9915 (2005) PubMed

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  3. Hayashi, Y., Shoji, M., Mukaiyama, T., Gotoh, H., Yamaguchi, S., Nakata, M., Kakeya, H., and Osada, H.
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    J. Org. Chem., 70, 5643-5654 (2005) PubMed

  4. Han, X-X., Cui, C-B., Gu, Q-Q., Zhu, W-M., Liu, H-B., Gu, J-Y., and Osada, H.
    ZHD-0501, a novel naturally occurring staurosporine analog from Actinomadura sp. 007.
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  5. Mitsui, T., Miyake, Y., Kakeya, H., Hayashi, Y., Osada, H. and Kataoka, T.
    RKTS-33, an epoxycyclohexenone derivative that specifically inhibits Fas liganddependent apoptosis in CTL-mediated cytotoxicity.
    Biosci. Biotechnol. Biochem., 69, 1923-1928 (2005) PubMed

  6. Nakazawa, J., Watanabe, N., Imoto, M., and Osada, H.
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  7. Muguruma, H., Yano, S., Kakiuchi, S., Uehara, H., Kawatani, M., Osada, H., and Sone, S.
    Reveromycin A inhibits osteolytic bone metastasis of small-cell lung cancer cells, SBC-5, through an anti-osteoclastic activity.
    Clin. Cancer Res., 11, 8822-8828 (2005) PubMed

  8. Watanabe, N., Arai, H., Iwasaki, J-I., Shiina, M., Ogata, K., Hunter, T., and Osada, H.
    Cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK) phosphorylation destabilizes somatic Wee1 via multiple pathways.
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  10. Kanoh, N., Honda, K., Simizu, S., Muroi, M., and Osada, H.
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  11. Yamaguchi, J., Kakeya, H., Uno, T., Shoji, M., Osada, H., and Hayashi, Y.
    Determination by asymmetric total synthesis of the absolute configuration of Lucilactaene, a cell-cycle inhibitor in p53-transfected cancer cells.
    Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 44, 3110-3115 (2005) PubMed

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    J. Org. Chem., 70, 79-91 (2005) PubMed

  14. Kakeya, H., Onose, R., Koshino, H., and Osada, H.
    Epoxytwinol A, a novel unique angiogenesis inhibitor with C2 symmetry, produced by a fungus.
    Chem. Commun., 20, 2575-2577 (2005) PubMed

  15. Nagumo, Y., Kakeya, H., Shoji, M., Hayashi, Y., Domae, N., and Osada, H.
    Epolactaene binds human Hsp60 Cys442 resulting in the inhibition of chaperone activity.
    Biochem J., 387, 835-840 (2005) PubMed