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Pironetin, Terpendole E, Cytochalasins, Paclitaxel, Vinblastine

Effects of sangivamycin, RK-1409 and RK-286C on the cell cycle progression from G2- to G1-phase. Asynchronized tsFT210 cells cultured at (a) 32 oC were synchronized at the G2 boundary by incubation at (b) 39 oC for 17 h. The cells were then shifted to 32 oC to release them from G2 arrest. The cells passed through M phase and entered G1 (c) after 4 h. When the cells were simultaneously released from the temperature-arrest in the presence of (d) 10 uM sangivamycin, (e) 0.3 uM RK-1409 and (f) 1.6 uM RK-286C, the cell cycle progression from G2- to M-phase was inhibited. Photographs show morphological characteristics of the corresponding cells observed under the microscope. (Ref:1)


  1. H. Osada, C.-B. Cui, R. Onose, F. Hanaoka.
    Screening of cell cycle inhibitors from microbial metabolites by a bioassay using a mouse cdc2 mutant cell line, tsFT210.
    Bioorg. Med. Chem., 5, 193-203 (1997).

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