(Ph.D, Postdoctoral Researcher)


I have always imagined achieving the chemical biology study like Dr. Schreiber did using immuno-suppressive drug, FK506. What should I do for that? In general, chemical biology study starts by searching for unique bioactive compounds. I'm interested in cell morphology and also believe the microorganisms can produce many other compounds with chemical and functional diversities. I'm thus searching for fruitful bioactive compounds on the basis of their ability to alter cellular morphology from secondary metabolites of microorganisms.


1998-2002 Keio University, Department of Applied Chemistry
2002-2008 Graduate Course, Keio University, Faculty of Science and Technology


B.Sc. (2002) Keio University
Dr. Science (2008) Keio University


2008-2008 Post Doctoral Fellow, Antibiotics Laboratory, RIKEN ASI
2008-2015 Special Post Doctoral Researcher, Antibiotics Laboratory, RIKEN ASI
2009-2013 Special Post Doctoral Researcher,Chemical Biology Core Facility, RIKEN ASI
2015.Apr.- RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science - Chemical Biology Research Group


  • JCA
  • Japanese Society for Chemical Biology


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