(Ph.D, Special Temporary Employee)


Microorganisms produce various compounds with chemical and biological diversities. I want to chemically synthesize useful compounds which microorganisms can not produce.


1967-1971Tohoku University, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
1971-1973Tohoku University, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences


B.Sc. (1971) Tohoku University 
Dr. Pharmacy (1979) Tohoku University 


1973-Reserch Scientist, Synthetic Pesticide Laboratory I, RIKEN
1981-1983Research Fellow, Columbia University, USA.
1992- Senior Reserch Scientist, RIKEN
1998-2001 Visiting Professor, Rikkyo University
2001- present Visiting Professor, Tokyo Denki University
2001-2009 Senior Scientist, Synthetic Organic Chemistry, RIKEN
2004-2008Team Leader, RIKEN Chemical Biology Group
2009-2009Special Temporary Employee, RIKEN Chemical Biology Department
2009-2013Special Temporary Employee,Chemical Biology Core Facility, RIKEN ASI  
2013-2015Special Temporary Employee, Antibiotics Lab.
2015.Apr.-RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science - Chemical Biology Research Group


  • The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan
  • The Society of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan
  • Japanese Society for Chemical Biology<




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