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Novel abscisic acid antagonists identified

We have identified two novel antagonistic compounds for the plant hormone abscisic acid (ABA), RK438 and RK460. The compounds were found in a high-throughput screening of over 24,000 compounds from the RIKEN Natural Products Depository (NPDepo) library, using a chemical array technology which had been developed by the same research group. In this study, small molecules that interact with Arabidopsis ABA receptor PYR1 (pyrabactin resistance 1) were identified with chemical array screening. Further screening narrowed down hit compounds to two molecules, RK438 and RK460. Detailed analysis of RK460 revealed that this compound act antagonistically to certain ABA receptors.
In addition to the discovery of new compounds that could lead to the elucidation of plant hormone signaling pathway, this study encourages the further application of chemical arrays in plant science.


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Novel abscisic acid antagonists identified
Original article
Ito T, Kondoh Y, Yoshida K, Umezawa T, Shimizu T, Shinozaki K, Osada H.: Novel Abscisic Acid Antagonists Identified with Chemical Array Screening.
Chembiochem, 16(17): 2471-2478 (2015) PMID: 26493545 [ doi: 10.1002/cbic.201500429 ]

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