Unantimycin A

unantimycin A
Producing organism
Streptomyces sp. RK88-1355
Biological activity
cytotoxicity and antimalarial activity
In the course of our screening for structurally unique secondary metabolites from a microbial metabolite fraction library by spectral database search, a new neoantimycin analog, unantimycin A was discovered and isolated. The structure was determined based on extensive spectroscopic methods, including NMR and MS. It had a 3-hydroxybenzoic acid moiety instead of a 2-hydroxy-3- formylaminobenzoic acid moiety, which was a representative functional group for neoantimycin class of metabolites, and showed moderate cytotoxicity against several cancer cell lines.
isolation and structural determination
  • Lim CL, Nogawa T, Okano A, Futamura Y, Kawatani M, Takahashi S, Ibrahim D, Osada H.: Unantimycin A, a new neoantimycin analog isolated from a microbial metabolite fraction library.
    J Antibiot, 69(6): 456-458 (2016) PMID: 26648115 [ doi: 10.1038/ja.2015.124 ]
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