Trichostatin RK

NPEdia Trichostatin RK
Producing organism
RK98-A74 Streptomyces sp. RK98-A74 (isolated in Tokyo, Japan)
Biological activity
A actinomycete strain RK98-A74 was found to produce trichostatin and its derivatives through the screening program for natural compounds which activate the p21 promotor. We isolated trichostatin A and several derivatives by activity- and UV-guided separation. One of them was a new derivative, named trichostatin RK, substituted hydroxyl group of hydroxamic acid moiety in trichostatin A for methyl group.
  • Ueki M, Teruya T, Nie L, Usami R, Yoshida M, Osada H.: A new trichostatin derivative, trichostatin RK, from Streptomyces sp. RK98-A74.
    J Antibiot, 54(12): 1093-1095 (2001) PMID: 11858665
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