Furaquinocin I, J

I:R = -OH NPEdia
J:R = -NH2 NPEdia
Producing organism
Streptomyces reveromyceticus SN-593
Biological activity
(no cytotoxic activity)
Two novel furaquinocin (FQ) analogues, I (1) and J (2), were isolated from Streptomyces reveromyceticus SN-593 strain NRM2. Their structures were elucidated by MS and NMR analyses. Similar to the previously described FQ D (3), both 1 and 2 possessed a dihydrofuran ring fused to a polyketide naphthoquinone skeleton. The main difference between 1, 2 and 3 was the type of residue attached to C-13; these were a carboxyl, a carboxamide and a methyl residue, respectively.
  • Panthee S, Takahashi S, Takagi H, Nogawa T, Oowada E, Uramoto M, Osada H.: Furaquinocins I and J: novel polyketide isoprenoid hybrid compounds from Streptomyces reveromyceticus SN-593.
    J Antibiot, 64(7): 509-513 (2011) PMID: 21610713 [ doi: 10.1038/ja.2011.41 ]
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