Enopeptin A, B

A: NPEdia
B: NPEdia
Producing organism
Streptomyces sp. RK-1051
Biological activity
anti-bacteriophage activity
isolation and structural determination
  • Osada H, Yano T, Koshino H, Isono K.: Enopeptin A, a novel depsipeptide antibiotic with anti-bacteriophage activity.
    J Antibiot, 44(12): 1463-1466 (1991) PMID: 1778798
  • structure configuration by other group
  • Young JJ, Jung LJ, Liu WT, Ho SN, Chang LR, Tsai YC, Bhaskaran R, Yu C.: Solution conformation of enopeptin A, a depsipeptide antibiotic, using 2D NMR and restrained molecular dynamics studies.
    J Antibiot, 47(8): 922-931 (1994) PMID: 7928680
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