Albopeptin B

NPEdia Albopeptin B
Producing organism
Streptomyces albofaciens
Biological activity
antimicrobial activity
Antibiotics albopeptin A and B were purified from cultures of Streptomyces albofaciens by Nucleosil 5C18 HPLC. The formulas of albopeptin A and B were C39H65N11O12S and C40H65N11O12S, resp. IR spectra of albopeptins A and B. They were sol. in formic acid and trifluoroacetic acid. Albopeptins A and B showed broad antibacterial and antifungal activities. A mixt. of albopeptins A and B prevented the sheath blight disease in rice plants. Mice tolerated a mixt. of albopeptins A and B at 600 mg/kg.
isolation and structural determination
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  • synthesis by other group
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