Construction of Chemical Database and Promotion of Utilization of Chemical Library

We aim to construct a chemical library useful for chemical biology research and drug-discovery. So far we prepare a chemical library which contains more than 30,000 compounds, and the chemical database, NPEdia, is open to a public, which contains chemical and biological information of collected compounds. We prepare and supply a "Authentic library" and a "Pilot library". This is composed of about 400 compounds selected on the basis of structure-diversity, and the former contains 80 compounds, biological activities of which are well known, and they are usable to validate assay systems. In FY 2008, we supplied 14,830 compounds for 24 RIKEN researchers, 558 compounds for 20 researchers in japan, and 3,942 compounds for 6 oversea researchers. We evaluate diversity in chemical structures of compounds, and propose structures of compounds to be collected. Moreover we make an ontology of chemical structure for clasification of the compounds in our library.