Zearalenone and zearalenone cleavage product

Zearalenone: NPEdia
Zearalenone cleavage product: NPEdia
Zearalenone cleavage product
Producing organism
Fusarium (zearalenone),
Clonostachys roseal
IFO 7063 (cleavage product)
Biological activity
estrogenic activity (zearalenone),
detoxified compound (cleavage product)
Zearalenones are mycotoxins with estrogenic activity consisting of a resorcinol moiety fused to a 14-membered macrocyclic lactone and are produced by various Fusarium species. We found that Clonostachys rosea IFO 7063 was effectively capable of converting zearalenone to cleavage product, 1-(3,5-dihydroxyphenyl)-10′-hydroxy-1′E-undecene-6′-one. Moreover, the cleavage product did not show potent estrogenic activity like that of Zearalenone and 17β-estradiol in the human breast cancer MCF-7 cell proliferation assay.
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