Reveromycin T 1-methyl ester and 1-ethyl ester

Reveromycin T 1-methyl ester: NPEdia

Reveromycin T 1-ethyl ester: NPEdia
Producing organism
Streptomyces reveromyceticus SN-593
Biological activity
cytotoxicity against mammalian cancer cells
Two new reveromycin derivatives, reveromycin T 1-methyl ester and 1-ethyl ester were created by adding a small amount of related alcohol, methanol and ethanol, to culture broth of S. reveromyceticus SN-593 during the fermentation. Their cytotoxic activity against HL-60, K562, and tsFT210 cell lines were evaluated and they showed moderate cytotoxicities. Similar approach to create new metabolites has not been reported before, and this simple method might be applied to other metabolites to expand their chemical diversity.
  • Nogawa T, Takahashi S, Sekiyama Y, Takagi H, Uramoto M, Koshino H, Kawatani M, Shimizu T, Osada H.: Creation of novel reveromycin derivatives by alcohol-added fermentation.
    J Antibiot, 66(4): 247-250 (2013) PMID: 23232929 [ doi: 10.1038/ja.2012.115 ]