Chemical Resource Development Research Unit
Drug Discovery Chemical Bank Unit


Unit Leader
Hiroyuki Osada

 A compound library is an indispensable research tool for promoting biofunctional regulation research and medical and agrochemical research using chemical biology research methods. The Unit promotes collaborative research based on the compound library infrastructure for the purpose of effective utilization of the compound library. The Unit supports resource science research and chemical biology research by providing compound libraries and compound information, and promotes collaboration in these fields.

 Osada closed the Chemical Biology Research Group at the end of FY2021. He will continue to serve as an unit leader of this research unit with a special appointment as a professor at the University of Shizuoka.


Laboratory location

RIKEN Wako Campus South Area S02 Chemical Biology Building
Access to RIKEN Wako Campus

Exterior of Chemical Biology Building

    Office: 2F 202
    E-mail: cb-secretary
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